Hand Held Steamer

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A handheld steamer is an easy to use option for people who need wrinkle-free clothing in a short period of time. The ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer was made with people on the go in mind, developed in a compact and convenient travel size. It also gains full power quickly with its 600-watt power chord, making it perfect for being on the road or when staying in a hotel.

This steamer boasts that it is three times stronger than other handheld steamers on the market. Perfect for travel, the assembled steamer measures at 11x5x6 inches and only weighs 3 pounds. ESTEAM maximizes all of its size, as the cartridge holds 8-ounces of water, which will last for up to 15-minutes of continuous steaming per filling.

hand held steamerWhen you are traveling, you  don’t want to be weighed down by extra appliances, and the ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer is both convenient and powerful, while allowing you to travel light and compact.

Even with the dimension listed in the preceding paragraph, some people may still be thinking that using a steamer will only take up more room in their luggage and will be satisfied with using the iron that is provided for them at the hotel they are staying at.

However, it has been shown that using an iron to relieve your clothes of wrinkles is much more strenuous on the fabric and material that the clothes are made of. Furthermore, there are certain items, like silk, that you simply cannot iron without ruining. However, the ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer will carefully release wrinkles from your clothing, without damaging or ruining your clothing.

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Of course an iron will typically not ruin clothing after one or two uses, but over time clothes that are ironed noticeably lose the vibrancy of their colors and the quality of the clothing. While clothes that are steamed continually look new and fresh while being worn.

This hand held steamer takes about three minutes to heat up and be ready for use. Once you see the steam begin to come out of the steam head, you will know that it is time to begin using it. To steam your clothes, simply hang them up and then move the steamer in patterns that push the wrinkles towards the outside and eventually out of your clothing all together.

Another added benefit of steamers over irons is, because you are steaming your clothing in an upright formation, you will not have to worry about creases that are created when flipping your clothing over and ironing another side. Instead, you can expect your entire garment to be wrinkle free, while hanging up as you continue getting ready.

Having a steamer is more convenient than an iron. It leads to more reliable, wrinkle-free clothing and it can be done in a much quicker time. Furthermore, you can expect to have your clothes last longer and looking like new for continuous uses. The ESTEAM Personal Steamer is a great option for garment steamers that are useful when traveling and needing great looking clothing.